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Casamania & Horm
Sideboard with doors
Collection Carlos
Design By Renato Zamberlan

Casamania & Horm


Freely inspired by the work of the Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez and his Op Art style. You perceive this item not as a spectator but as a player who is actively involved with the object itself. It changes in colour depending on your viewpoint, giving the effect of a curtain which opens and closes.
Structure made from particleboard, melamine-coated and lacquered. The thickness of the structure and shelves is 18 mm, the back panel 10 mm, and the fixed central divider 36 mm. Door panels of hardboard or plywood, veneered with heat-treated oak, machined vertically to accommodate vertical inserts made of white, full-colour laminates. Shelves made from transparent tempered glass, with polished edge, 5 mm thick. PVC or felt bumpers. Painted ABS adjustable feet with aluminium finish. Optional base, height 16 cm or 32 cm, made from powder-coated iron. Optional accessories: shelf for glasses, extractable cutlery box, extractable tray, wooden shelves.

Body: white lacquered or mocha stained beech
Doors: heat-treated oak
Optional metal base: white or black


Materials and finishes - Matt Lacquers (en)

Materials and finishes - Matt Lacquers (en)

Materials and Finishes - Glossy lacquers (en)

Materials and Finishes - Glossy lacquers (en)

Materials and Finishes - Metal bases for sideboards (en)

Materials and Finishes - Metal bases for sideboards (en)

Carlos catalogue (en)

Carlos catalogue (en)

Quick View 2023 (it, en)

Quick View 2023 (it, en)

Living & Dining 2024 (it, en, fr, es)

Living & Dining 2024 (it, en, fr, es)

Plaza Collection 2024 (it, en)

Plaza Collection 2024 (it, en)

Hospitality & Workspaces 2024 (en)

Hospitality & Workspaces 2024 (en)
Technical details



Carlos (en)

Carlos (en)
Bim and Cad
3D Studio MAX
Download BIM/CAD
3D Studio MAX 42
CARLOS cm 144X49X66H.3ds
CARLOS cm 192X49X66H.3ds
CARLOS cm 192X49X80H.3ds
CARLOS cm 192X49X96H.3ds
CARLOS cm 192X49X98H.3ds
CARLOS cm 192X49X112H.3ds
CARLOS cm 192X49X128H.3ds
CARLOS cm 144x49x112H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X80H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X96H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X98H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X112H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X128H.3ds
CARLOS cm 96X49X98H.3ds
CARLOS cm 96X49X112H.3ds
CARLOS cm 96X49X128H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X66H.3ds
CARLOS cm 144X49X80H.max
CARLOS cm 144X49X96H.max
CARLOS cm 144X49X98H.max
CARLOS cm 144x49x112H.max
CARLOS cm 144x49x128H.max
CARLOS cm 192X49X66H.max
CARLOS cm 192X49X80H.max
CARLOS cm 192X49X96H.max
CARLOS cm 192X49X98H.max
CARLOS cm 192X49X112H.max
CARLOS cm 192X49X128H.max
CARLOS cm 240X49X66H.max
CARLOS cm 240X49X80H.max
CARLOS cm 240X49X96H.max
CARLOS cm 240X49X98H.max
CARLOS cm 144X49X98H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X128H.max
CARLOS cm 96X49X98H.max
CARLOS cm 96X49X112H.max
CARLOS cm 96X49X128H.max
CARLOS cm 144X49X66H.max
CARLOS cm 144x49x128H.3ds
CARLOS cm 144x49x80H.3ds
CARLOS cm 240X49X112H.max
CARLOS cm 144X49X96H.3ds
Download BIM/CAD
AutoCAD 18
CARLOS cm 96X49X98H
CARLOS cm 144X49X98H
CARLOS cm 144X49X66H
CARLOS cm 144x49x128H
CARLOS cm 192X49X66H
CARLOS cm 192X49X80H
CARLOS cm 192X49X96H
CARLOS cm 192X49X98H
CARLOS cm 192X49X112H
CARLOS cm 192X49X128H
CARLOS cm 144x49x80H
CARLOS cm 240X49X80H
CARLOS cm 240X49X96H
CARLOS cm 240X49X66H
CARLOS cm 144x49x112H
CARLOS cm 144X49X96H
CARLOS cm 96X49X128H
CARLOS cm 96X49X112H
Download BIM/CAD
Other 21
CARLOS cm 144X49X66H.igs
CARLOS cm 144x49x80H.igs
CARLOS cm 144X49X96H.igs
CARLOS cm 144X49X98H.igs
CARLOS cm 144x49x112H.igs
CARLOS cm 144x49x128H.igs
CARLOS cm 192X49X66H.igs
CARLOS cm 192X49X80H.igs
CARLOS cm 192X49X96H.igs
CARLOS cm 192X49X98H.igs
CARLOS cm 192X49X112H.igs
CARLOS cm 192X49X128H.igs
CARLOS cm 240X49X66H.igs
CARLOS cm 240X49X80H.igs
CARLOS cm 240X49X96H.igs
CARLOS cm 240X49X98H.igs
CARLOS cm 240X49X112H.igs
CARLOS cm 240X49X128H.igs
CARLOS cm 96X49X98H.igs
CARLOS cm 96X49X112H.igs
CARLOS cm 96X49X128H.igs
Download BIM/CAD
Sketchup 1


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