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Delivery terms

Deliveries shall be made at the postal address provided by Clients when performing the purchase procedure and recorded in the Purchase Order. Therefore, Clients are responsible for the address provided. Sellers shall not be liable for any mistakes related to shipments or wrong delivery of products, due to mistaken or incomplete information provided by Clients when filling in their Purchase Orders.

Edilportale delivers worldwide. However, some products may not be available in all geographic areas. Clients are always able to view the purchasable products in each country, and the related costs, through the pre-selection of the country, based on IP address, or by the drop-down menu in the footer. The availability in the geographical area indicated by the user is confirmed in the purchase form in any case.

Delivery times are listed on the website as a date range (minimum-maximum delivery date), and take into account production and shipment lead time. On the Site, delivery times are calculated according to the location recognized by the browser used by the Client, and supposing a payment made by Credit Card (the most immediate crediting method). As soon as the Client fills in the Order form with all the details about his/her delivery address and payment method, the Site will promptly update the delivery time. Deliveries are made by means of the most appropriate courier service related to the type of goods and shipping area. Indicatively, the shipment lead time vary from 1 to 3 working days for Italy, from 2 to 6 days for European countries and from 8 to 10 days for other destinations.

In case of payment via bank transfer, Edilportale will process the order only after verifying the actual crediting on its bank account. Therefore, the bank processing time should be added to the delivery lead time indicated in the Order Summary.

Clients hereby acknowledge and accept that different goods might be shipped and delivered in different ways and times, according to availability and manufacturing lead time of each one. Therefore, Clients are kindly invited to always check the delivery times posted next to each Product.

Deliveries shall always be carried out by courier from Monday to Friday between 08:00 am and 06:00 pm. The Carrier shall try to deliver the goods once (twice for international shipments) at the address provided by the Client. Should the Client be absent the first time, the Carrier shall leave a notice stating the first delivery attempt (the second one for international shipments) at the indicated address. Should the delivery attempt fail, the Carrier shall contact Edilportale in order to arrange the following activity. The Products shall be kept at the Carrier's facilities for 5 (five) calendar days for free. After further 20 (twenty) calendar days the Order shall be automatically cancelled . SpA shall refund the Client with the value of the Order except for shipment and storage expenses; these shall be debited to the Client. The termination of the contract and the amount to be refunded shall be advised to the user by email. The refund will be credited to the Client via the same payment method used for the purchase, or by bank transfer.

Unless otherwise specified, Edilportale's shipping policy provides delivery to the Client at street level. Edilportale does not deliver items in apartments nor provide product installation services.

Products can only be delivered to the Client or to a person bearing full confidence of the buyer and acting as Consignee on his behalf. The Client or the Consignee shall check that packaging is pristine and clean at delivery time and that the Products received coincide with the ones listed in the relevant Purchase Order.

The risk of loss or damage to the goods, for reasons not attributable to the Seller, is transferred to the Client when the Client, or a third party by the Client designated and other than the Carrier, physically comes into possession of the good.

The Seller, meaning Edilportale, shall not be liable for damages to the products or for any shipment delays occurred after collection of the products by the Carrier.

Should the Client or the person acting as Consignee on behalf of the Client find that products have visible defects, such as wrong number of packages, or lack of integrity of packaging, the Client or the Consignee shall immediately advise this by writing it in the shipment documents provided by the Carrier. Moreover, the Client or Consignee shall contact Edilportale or the Seller on the platform and also by registered post within 3 (three) working days after the anomaly is found.

When the Seller country and the Buyer country are different, additional customs duties may apply at the time of delivery. In such cases the product data sheet shall bear clear information on this issue. Customs policies vary considerably from Country to Country. Clients are kindly advised to contact their Country Customs Agency in order to verify if any ancillary tax or duty shall apply.

In case of delays in deliveries or non-delivery, the Client shall inform the Seller by clicking on the link "Contact the Seller" in the personal area. The Seller shall contact the Client within 3 (three) working days.

Edilportale shall not be deemed liable for any delays in shipment or deliveries due to: national or local bank holidays, strikes, riots, natural disasters, accidents, theft or robbery. Should the force majeure event persist for more than 3 (three) months, the Order shall be automatically cancelled.

Any delivery delays within 30 (thirty) days do not entitle the client to refuse the delivery of the products, nor to claim for any sort of compensation or indemnity. In the event that a reliable delivery date can not be communicated to the Client, Edilportale reserves the right to cancel the order at no extra cost for the Client, and proceed with a full refund using the same means of payment of the initial transaction.